Impact Truck and Trailer

Sean O’Neil, Josh Stoglin, and Sam Stone

Sean, Josh, and Sam in front of their store

TNRDF is a Great Partner

As a new upstart in Cookeville, we were looking for a little extra capital to help us with startup and operating costs, and TNRDF was a great partner for us!


Their team was very easy to work with, and they really seemed to have a passion for helping small and new businesses get started and grow in this community.


They keep in touch with us and are always supportive and encouraging. We would definitely recommend talking to them about your next project!

Suzi Q’s Scrubs and a Whole Lot More

Susie Dobbs

Susie and her inventory

Growing Entrepreneurs

I am a new business owner and the TNRDF is the reason I am here!

Understanding her Vision

It was so amazing to work with such an amazing group of lending professionals that understood my vision and helped me provide jobs for some wonderful people in our community, who happen to also be cancer survivors!

Outfitting Caregivers

My team is beyond grateful for the opportunity to provide outfitting services to the caregivers in our area.  These caregivers are amazing people that always put their patients first!  At Suzi Q’s, we pride ourselves in taking the time to pamper these folks who also spend every day doing the same for the ones in their care. None of this would have been possible if it weren’t for the Tennessee Rural Development Fund!

Sports One Sporting Goods

Bobby & Tina Larrick

Bobby and Tina in their store

Here to Help

The TNRDF was wonderful to work with and helped to get us through a pivotal time in our business.  


During the fall football season, we were filling so many orders that we could not keep up with the cashflow requirements needed to stock the shelves for the holiday season.  


The TNRDF came through in a big way by providing the capital that we needed just in time to prepare for the Christmas rush! We cannot say enough good things about the folks at the TNRDF and what they have meant to us and our business!

Optimal Health & Performance

Nate Mainord

Nate Mainord in front of his new building.

A New Building. A New Opportunity

The Tennessee Rural Development Fund enabled me to take advantage of an incredible opportunity to expand and remodel my business, at a very critical time.


As a result, I now have enough space to bring on additional staff, and an inviting environment that appeals to both my team and patients alike. The Tennessee Rural Development Fund is the perfect resource for my business.


Because of their professionalism, knowledge and expertise, I know that I have found a lending partner that will continue to play an instrumental role in the growth of my business.